The EVACUATED TUBES collector consists of an inner and outer tube assembly made of extremely strong impact transparent borosilicate twin glass tubes with vacuum in between the tubes. The outer tube is transparent allowing light rays to pass through with minimal reflection. The inner tube is coated with special selective coating (AI-N-AI) featuring excellent solar radiation absorption and minimal reflection property. The trapped heat inside the tube is not lost as a result of vaccum.


Material : S.S. 304 Grade  2B Finish Non Magnetic

Insulation : 65mm Polyurethene  Foam Cladded by S.S  Mirror Finish/Aluminium Powder coating     

Warranty : 2 Years against any Manufacturing Defects

Performance : 5  Years Guarranty


Capacity: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 [Domestic]

Material : Boro  Silicate

Tube Length : 1.8 mtrs, 1.5 mtrs

Tube Outer Dia : 47 mm   or 58 mm

Tube Inner Dia : 37  mm  or  48 mm

Coating : German  Technology Tripple coating Copper followed  by Special N/Al  Magnetron sputtring  Technique  
                   [Aluminium Nitride] Coating

Absorptance : > 92  %

Emit : <   9 %

Vaccum : P<  5X 10-3 [pa]

Life Time   : 15 years

Warranty : 2  Years, except Tubes against any  Manufacturing defects