The FLAT PLATE collector absorbs the solar energy and converts it into heat energy. The cold water flowing through the riser pipes gets heated and moves into insulated storage tank through header pipe, due to low density of hot water it occupies the upper portion of the insulated storage tank and the cycle continues as long as the sun rays fall on the collector. By the end of the day the entire tank is with hot water. As the storage tank is insulated which retains heat overnight. In this principle water can reach temperature up to 600c – 850c.


Collector Size : 2030 x 1030 x 100 mm

Collector Box : Extruded Aluminium, make – Indal / Jindal Grade – HE9T/HE9WP

Finish : powder Coating

Glass Retaining Angle : Extruded Aluminium as above

Back Sheet : 22SWG, Aluminium, Revited and sealed with silicone sealed/ Galvanized sheet as per IS

Glass : 4mm, toughened, low Iron content with 85% minimum transmitivity

Glass/beeding/Sealing : EPDM with 35% rubber content along with the top Aluminium retainer angle, using SS self tapping Screws

Grommets : EPDM with Inside / outside locking collar

Ends Connections : 4mm thick brass flages with EPDM gaskets

Insulations : 48kg/ cu.m density rockwool/ puff Bottom – 50mm and Sides – 25mm

Reflective Foll : Aluminium – 100 microns for sides, 50 microns for bottom

Frame Corners : Sealed from inside with Silicone Sealant and Provision of Corner Clips for better aesthetics and prevantion of moisture entry


Coating: Selective Bonding between Fins and Riser: Block Chrome – NALSUN Absorptivity > 0.95

Emmissivity : < 0.15 Ultrasonic Welding / Lead and Tin Soldering

Bonding btw Header and Riser : Metallurgical bonding using 14% Silver Brazing rod

Absorber Area : 2.07 sq.m

Fins : 99.9% + -0.01 Copper – 120 mm wide, 36 SWG

Number of Fins : 09 (Nine)

Test Pressure : 5.0 kg/sq.cm

Header : 99.9% + -0.01 Copper -1” x22 SWG

Riser : 99.9% + -0.01 Copper-1/2 x22 SWG

System Temperature : 60o C - 85oC


Inner Storage Tank : SS 304 Grade with TIG Welding

Inter Connecting Pipes : SS 304 Grade

End covers : Powder Coated pressed Aluminium dishes

Insulation : 100 mm Rinsine bonded Rockwool

Tank Outer Cladding : SS mirror finishing/ Powder Coated Aluminium with optional Colours