Home lighting systems are ideal sources for providing indoor illumination in remote areas and un-electrified    villages. The solar home lighting systems essentially consists of the solar module, suitable module mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge-controller, luminaries, inter-connecting cables and switches etc. All light assemblies have built-in high efficiency and high frequency DC to Ac inverter circuits for suitable to run CFL lamps.
 The indoor lighting systems would also come with provision to power a 12V DC table fan or a black and white Portable TV as option.

 The lighting system is designed to operate 3 to 4 hours a day. Homelight is a DC operated wall mountable indoor lighting luminary. It consists of a compact Fluorescent Lamp (CF Lamp) and a high frequency inverter. High frequency inverter offers high efficiency, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp.

 The indoor lighting luminaries are available in different lamp wattages and models. All adequate protections are provided in the luminary for safety, reliability and long life. These lights are ideally suited for lighting applications powered from renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. these are widely used in Solar Home systems.